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Experience a truly unique product


The main ingredient in FOÜ Skin Toner is natural spring water from Palomar Mountain located high above San Diego, California.  We cycle the spring water over 40,000 times through a 45 step proprietary process.  Through each step, the water is softened and purified, removing any chemicals and toxins leaving the water at its purest state.


The water is softened using a multi-layer earth element conditioner.  As the water passes through a proprietary system it is naturally softened by earths natural metals. This is just like water is conditioned by passing through many thousands of feet of earth. This process is repeated over 60,000 times conditioning and enriching the water through each cycle. 


This ultra pure water is then infused with activated oxygen and ions of platinum, gold, silver, copper, magnesium and zinc. These ions along with our revolutionary conditioning process tremendously softens the water, giving it the power to hold an unprecedented concentration of oxygen, our body's fuel. 


FOÜ Skin Toner (a face wash, moisturizer and anti-aging serum) is the ultimate, natural skin care treatment. 


Become a Distributor

Use your brand with our amazing product in your salon or business.  Send us your logo and we'll work with you to create custom labels for your new skin toner.  Please contact us for more information or visit our FAQ page to find answers to the most commonly asked questions.




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