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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fountain of Üth?

FOÜ products begin the journey straight out of a mountain spring and into our facility where it is cycled over 60,000 times through a proprietary process. Through each step, the water is purified and softened, removing any chemicals or toxins. This ultra-pure water is then infused with activated oxygen and precious ions of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper Magnesium and Zinc.

These ions, along with our unique process, tremendously soften the water, giving it the power to hold an unprecedented concentration of oxygen, the body's fuel. This process is repeated over 60,000 times, conditioning and enriching the water through each cycle. Our process is a refined version of the natural conditioning of water when it passes through many thousands of feet of earth.

How do I use  Fountain of Üth products?

Firstly, wash skin and remove any makeup, oils and/or lotions.  Apply FOÜ products generously to face, neck, hands and body. Rub vigorously until FOÜ is absorbed.  Let FOÜ work for you by eliminating use of other products like dense creams and lotions. 

When should I use  Fountain of Üth?


Use FOÜ products when your skin needs it.  Rejuvenate tired skin and use it when you wake up in the morning. Rehydrate dried, burnt skin after time in the sun. Soften and smooth skin for a closer shave without irritation. Reduce redness and itchiness from eczema and psoriasis outbreaks. Use at least twice daily for optimal results.

Can I purchase  Fountain of Üth products for resale in my salon or business?


Yes! We offer wholesale pricing and even offer private labeling for distributors of our products.  What does that mean? You can use your brand on our product or we can customize our labels with new branding to suit your needs.​  Please visit our Contact Us page for further inquiry.





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