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More than a revolutionary moisturizer, it is the ultimate skin care experience.

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Innovative treatments for whole-body wellness delivering a healthy boost of vitality to th
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Innovative treatments for whole-body wellness delivering a healthy boost 

of vitality to the skin to improve the way you look and feel.


The beauty of FOÜ Brand products is it doesn't take weeks to see the difference, it is instant. Just a few drops rubbed into your skin and you will immediately feel and see the difference. A twice daily application of FOÜ Magic Gel on your face, neck and hands will reveal your natural, beautiful skin. Watch as natural nourishment gently appears to  reverses years of abuse, aging and sun damage.

"I use FOÜ every day, pre and post workout, I've noticed less breakouts with my skin and no more oily residue like some other treatments. FOÜ has helped save my skin from paying the price with a hard earned gym sweat."


Lauren M.

"FOÜ has helped me with fine lines and smoothness, even with stubble. For a guy, it's hard to justify using "beauty" products sometimes, but this, does the trick for my sensitive skin and nose."


Brian G.

"I'm allergic to a lot of ingredients in many moisturizers and sensitive to smells, finding a way to treat my dry skin without breaking out has been wonderful. FOÜ is the first thing I put on my face in the morning, and the last. Thank you!"


Stephanie A.

What is Fountain of Üth?

What is Fountain of Üth?

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